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Fliering Proposal

Recently, The New Orleans City Council has chosen to begin strict enforcement of ordinances pertaining to fliering throughout New Orleans. This ordinance prohibits the posting of fliers on telephone poles or any public property. A violation of this ordinance results in a fine from the city for each flier found. This strict enforcement has resulted in a negative economic impact on our venues and musicians who have traditionally relied on this means of citywide promotion.

This regulation is intended to beautify the city we love, but it hinders our ability to do that in the best way that we know how. Across the board, musicians, venue owners, and promoters have seen a significant decrease in attendance to shows and performances due to this law. Sometimes this decrease in attendance has cut audiences by 50%. While we agree that certain limitations would reduce trash and help beautify the city, we feel that certain alternatives should have been considered. Rather than a blanket ban on fliering, we feel that a compromise involving responsibility on the part of the promoters, venues, and musicians is more beneficial to all parties.

Some terms that we feel would benefit both parties would be:

1. All fliers must be dated and removed 5 days after the performance.

2. No flier may be posted more than 30 days before the performance.

3. No flier may exceed 18 inches by 24 inches in size.

4. No fliering is allowed on St. Charles Ave. -or- between Canal and Ursulines Ave. of Decatur.

5. All fliers must have an e-mail or phone contact directly to the venue or promoter posting the flier or responsible for the show.

6. Posters over posters are not allowed. Posters can only be one layer thick. This avoids build-up of posters.

*Any flier not adhering to these rules is subject to a fine by the city of New Orleans.

These regulations are based off Seattle, WA’s similar laws that were passed in 2002. You can read about them HERE.