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MaCCNO Important Dates Coming Up

Yesterday’s meeting at Kermit’s was extremely productive and well organized. It’s really great to see the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans working our way into a more established group.

Here are some upcoming dates that could use the SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE:

Tuesday, November 13th

11AM at City Hall - Meeting in front of the City Planning Commission regarding new French Market laws 

Wednesday, November 14th

11AM at Kermit’s Speakeasy - Teach In regarding operating permits with Scott Hutcheson from the Office of Cultural Economy

12PM at Kermit’s Speakeasy - Weekly meeting of MaCCNO

Thursday, November 15th

11AM at City Hall (in the big room, maybe number 1E7)

Siberia is going before City Hall regarding their live music permit. There are also some new laws regarding Jackson Square being presented at this time. One of which proposes no standing, loitering, or stopping in the Square between the hours of 1am-5am. This would greatly effect the street performers who count on those late night crowds to make ends meet. Read more HERE.

If you have the time and care about this stuff, please show up and show your support. It really does help a lot to hear personal accounts of how these clubs and artists better New Orleans. The city is willing to listen, if we are willing to defend.