A place to organize efforts to keep live music as the heartbeat of new orleans

Meeting at Kermit’s 11.19.2012


  • In these first few weeks of November, we have been able to develop a mission statement for MACCNO that describes exactly what we are trying to accomplish. 

MACCNO Mission Statement:

To empower the New Orleans musical and cultural community through collective self-representation, advocating in the interests of cultural preservation, perpetuation, and positive economic impact. 

We are working hard on keeping this site frequently updated so you stay informed

The Jackson Square Ordinances have been removed from the agenda at City Hall tomorrow, Thursday, Nov 20. Be sure to not show up expecting to speak against them. However, they may pop back up after the holidays, so keep an eye out for updates here or on the MaCCNO website or for updates.
This is a study being conducted on economic development geared at the possibility of major renovations to the Claiborne Corridor. There’s a ton of information on this you should be aware of so click the link above to read more.
Please keep yourselves informed about all of this and we will do our best to keep you up to date. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please CONTACT us.